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Ensuring smooth-running tenancies

The law governing relationships between landlords and tenants can be extremely complicated with adverse financial consequences and occasionally criminal penalties for non-compliance.

For both landlords and tenants, it is crucial that you are aware of your rights and comply with your obligations. Our team offer expert advice to avoid such situations as well as continuous support should a tenancy result in a dispute.


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The current law is designed to offer protection to both landlords and tenants. A way in which it does this is by discouraging ‘self-help’. An example of this is that landlords are unable to evict a tenant without a Court Order for possession. Attempting to remove a tenant by changing the locks to the property could result in a civil claim for compensation for illegal eviction and a criminal prosecution. If a criminal prosecution is brought, this could result in a landlord facing up to 6 months imprisonment and/or a £5,000 fine.

Led by Partner Fiona Hannaford, our Landlord and Tenant team offers a comprehensive service for residential landlords including, but not limited to the following:
• Advising on your legal obligations when you first rent your property
• Advising on your legal obligations when taking a deposit in relation to a property
• Drafting and advising on tenancy agreements
• Advising on disputes that may arise during the course of a tenancy
• Service of notices on tenants to vacate your property
• Obtaining possession orders from the Court on your behalf
• Advising on areas of dispute once a tenant has vacated the property
• Claims for rent arrears and damage to your property
• Enforcement of Court orders

An assured shorthold tenancy is the most common form of residential tenancy, but it is not suitable for all circumstances. As the tenancy agreement forms the basis of the contractual relationship between a landlord and tenant, it is important that from the outset, the terms of the tenancy are well defined and agreed between the parties. A well drafted tenancy will prevent an array of problems from arising during the course of the tenancy, whereas a poorly drafted tenancy may result in litigation.

We offer honest, expert advice and continuous support through what can be a stressful and upsetting experience. The likely cost of our advice will be given at the outset of the matter, and, in straightforward transactions, we offer a fixed fee service.

We are associate members of the Devon Landlords’ Association and we regularly hold workshops and deliver presentations to landlords so that they are kept up to date with any changes within the legal framework. Additionally, we attend regular meetings held by the Devon Landlords’ Association to offer advice and build relationships with members of the Association.

In addition to advising on tenancy agreements, here at Boyce Hatton we offer advice a comprehensive range of advice in respect of disputes arising out of long residential leases including, but not limited to, breach of covenant and service charge disputes.

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