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We understand that claiming for personal injury, especially catastrophic injury claims, is a result of a traumatic event. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in getting you the best outcome possible to allow you to move forward. We offer a no win, no fee service that’s based on clear advice, good communication and a personal commitment to a resolution for you.


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Led by Fiona Hannaford; our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in personal injury claims, specialising in serious injuries including orthopaedic and head injuries. We understand the impact that these injuries can have on your life and the importance of appropriate compensation to allow you to move forward in life.

Key to your successful outcome is that we put you first. We really listen and understand what’s important to you.

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We offer you a specialist personal injury lawyer from the outset, so if you make the decision to go ahead with a personal injury claim we will be primed to get the best deal for you.

We’re one of the few firms in Devon that specialise in catastrophic accidents, including head and other serious orthopaedic injuries that result in a need for long-term, complex care and rehabilitation. We will do everything we can to help get your life back together and compensate you for any financial losses you have incurred, whether that’s loss of earnings, cost of care or other costs that can arise after an accident.

Our personal injury lawyers can advise on injuries from;

  • Road traffic accidents – All road users, including pedestrians, horse-riders and cyclists, have a duty of care towards everyone else on the road. If you are injured because somebody else’s actions fall below reasonable standards, you could seek compensation for your injuries. Common injuries arising from road traffic accidents are fractures, head injuries, bruising and lacerations, PTSD and psychological trauma and of course whiplash and soft tissue injuries.
  • Accidents at work – whether slipping, tripping, lifting or any other form of accident, injuries sustained at work can be serious and cause not only personal injury but also time off work and sometimes loss of employment, resulting in great financial hardship. Employers are required by law to have Employers’ Liability Insurance to cover workplace accidents and it is the insurer not the employer who deals with the claim.
  • Defective goods – From foreign bodies in food to malfunctioning equipment or motor vehicles, products that are defective can cause serious injuries and can be grounds for a product liability claim. These types of claims are complex as in order to pursue a claim, the manufacturer, and where appropriate the importer, of the product has to be identified.
  • Slipping, tripping and public liability – Slipping and tripping accidents are common causes of personal injury from minor soft tissue injury to a catastrophic head injury. This type of claim covers not only defects in the public highway but also accidents that occur elsewhere when you are out and about, for example in a supermarket or shopping centre.

As specialists in this area of the law, we are committed to achieving the best possible settlement for you. We will advise you on every step within the claims process, and work closely with you to present a case which properly reflects the impact the accident has had on your health and finances. Whether the matter settles by negotiation or goes all the way to trial, we have the knowledge and expertise you need to work through this process with you, supporting and advising you all the way.

We’ll keep you regularly updated with any developments, problems, settlement offers or medical evidence that arise over the course of your claim. We are always at the end of the phone to talk about your claim, or to see you in person.

“I really appreciate all your help, advice, expertise, and professionalism throughout the entire claim process.”


Fiona has recently helped clients with;

  • Multi-million pound settlement of a catastrophic injury claim following a road traffic accident involving complex orthopaedic and head injuries
  • Settlement of a claim following a road traffic accident involving serious orthopaedic injuries and a complex financial loss claim which necessitated forensic accountancy evidence
  • Settlement of a claim arising out of a tripping accident which involved a claim surrounding loss of profit in relation to a business located outside of the UK which necessitated instructing experts from that country

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