Legal advice for employees

Are you owed money? Unfairly treated? Facing dismissal? Or is there anything else you want know about your legal position?

How We help
Our employment law advice will assist you in respect of identifying your legal position from an employee perspective ensuring that you are fully informed of your rights and are fully prepared to argue your position if faced with difficulties at work. We can offer individual fixed fee advice to ensure that you are completely at ease in terms of cost:

Areas that we advise employees on include:

  • Settlement Agreements (previously known as compromise agreements) and negotiation of severance terms
  • Advice on a employee contracts, including restrictive covenants
  • Advice on internal matters including grievances and dismissal processes
  • Advice on Employment Tribunal claims including risks, merits and costs
  • Advice on Employment Tribunal procedures, including drafting of claims, schedules of loss, list of documents, disclosure and witness evidence
  • Advice on pending employment hearings including what to expect, tactics and procedural and evidential matters that will be dealt with at a hearing
  • Tribunal representation on a fixed fee basis

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