Funding your claim

At Boyce Hatton, we understand that you may be worried about how you are going to fund your claim.

This is especially so if as a result of your accident, you are unable to work and therefore are receiving limited income.

We offer a free, no obligation initial interview so that we can discuss through your claim with you. It is then up to you as to how you wish to proceed. There are two main ways that a personal injury claim can be funded; a Conditional Fee Agreement and Legal Expenses Insurance.

Conditional Fee Agreement

This is also known as a no-win, no-fee agreement. After we have reviewed your claim and so long as we believe that you claim enjoys reasonable prospects of success, we may agree to act for you under the terms of a conditional fee agreement.

If your claim is not successful, then ordinarily, you will not have to pay our legal costs in representing you.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Another name for this is Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance. Legal expenses insurance is attached to various types of insurance policies including, but not limited to, motor, buildings and contents, and credit card insurance policies. Some insurance companies refer to this type of insurance as family legal protection.

At the initial meeting, we will ask that you bring along any insurance policies that you have so that we can ascertain whether or not you have legal expenses insurance.

Whichever funding option that we recommend, we guarantee that there are no up-front fees to pay, no hidden costs and you will not have to pay our legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful.