Divorce and relationship breakdown

It can be extremely difficult when a relationship comes to an end — apart from anything else, there are numerous practical issues to resolve.

How we can help

Our family lawyers have built a reputation across Torbay, South Devon and the South West for supportive and practical advice in all family matters including:

• Divorce
• Separation
• Financial matters
• Children
• Domestic Violence

Whether you’re looking for advice or assistance, we are here to help.

Positive support

As active members of Resolution, a national body of specialist family lawyers, we encourage the settlement of family disputes in a constructive, non-confrontational way. However, we are not afraid to adopt a robust approach where necessary.

We ensure that the cost of our advice is clear from the outset. In some circumstances, fixed fees may be available and we are happy to discuss this with you or contact www.direct.gov.uk for more information. To see how we can help please call us for a free, confidential discussion with one of our team.

What is Divorce?

Divorce is the name for the legal process that is required to legally bring a marriage to an end.

How is a divorce granted?

It is necessary to make an application to court for a Divorce. This is done in writing and only in exceptional cases would you have to attend court in relation to the divorce process (this is different from resolving any financial issues or children matters)

When can I get divorced?

A divorce is only available after you have been married for one year. If you have separated before your first wedding anniversary we can discuss with you whether it would be sensible to take steps in order to protect you before you can start divorce proceedings.

What are the grounds for divorce?

There is only one ground for divorce: the marriage has irretrievably broken down. In order to prove this to the court, you have to rely on one of five reasons:

• That your spouse has committed adultery;
• That your spouse has behaved so unreasonably you cannot be expected to continue living with them;
• You have been separated for two years and you both consent to the divorce;
• You have been separated for five years (whether or not the other person agrees to the divorce); and
• You have been deserted by your spouse for at least two years.