Acquired or traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries acquired by high impact incidents can, quite simply, have the most devastating effects on the lives of the victim and their family.

Injuries involving damage to the brain are incredibly complex and difficult to treat and are not known as catastrophic for no good reason. As a result of such an injury, the injured person will require long-term care and assistance, often at great financial cost.

If that injury has been caused by the negligence or breach of duty of another person or party, the claim that could ensue requires specialist legal advice and guidance, not only for the victim but for the family who have to carry on with the consequences both during the case and after it concludes, with a view to ensuring that the right level of compensation is secured to cover the ongoing costs of care, treatment, rehabilitation, loss of future earnings and opportunities and so forth; these claims can run into millions.

The majority of our brain and head injury claims are referred to us by medical and rehabilitation specialists who recognise our expertise in this area.

In turn we are recognised by Headway, the brain injury charity, and follow the Headway Personal Injury Solicitors’ Code of Conduct.

But, most importantly, we have a passionate belief that law firms and the solicitors in them who purport to be experts should only be claiming that expertise if they have both the ability and experience to run these case and, most importantly of all, the passion and empathy with the injured party and their family members which is critical. No solicitor should be instructed who cannot show both a reasonable history of dealing with these cases, but most importantly of all that they have a fundamental understanding of the brain and the consequences of damage to its integrity. Beyond that they need to be able to explain complex issues of how compensation is assessed and to assist in interpreting very difficult medical evidence, which can in itself often be very unpleasant to face and read for both the victim and their family.

Mark Pierce, Partner and head of the personal injury/clinical negligence department, has substantial experience of catastrophic brain injury claims and understands the need for a prompt response to the issue of rehabilitation and the physical and mental wellbeing of both the victim and their family.

He and his team have successfully secured compensation for victims of catastrophic brain injury often involving settlements of many millions of pounds. Mark has represented clients in the Royal Courts of Justice and the Court of Appeal.

Boyce Hatton offers a no win/no fee service so please contact us if you or a family member has been the victim of an accident that is not their fault, and which on the face of it is going to have long-term consequences. We know that the problems for the client and the family do not just stop when the claim stops but those problems can be significantly lessened if a secure financial base for ongoing care, treatment, rehabilitation, housing and transport has been properly calculated and forced out of a reluctant insurance company.

Please contact Boyce Hatton on 01803 403403 and ask for Mark Pierce or Fiona Squire.