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Immediate, cost-effective legal advice when you need it following a commercial dispute

Our commercial dispute resolution lawyers will work with you to find a solution to your dispute as quickly as possible and minimise the disruption to your day-to-day business activity.


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Led by Peter Lewis, a Senior Partner with over 30 years of experience in complex civil and commercial disputes, our specialist commercial dispute team are experts in commercial litigation and commercial dispute resolution.

Key to your successful outcome is that we put you first. We really listen and understand what’s important to you.

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How We Work Arrow

Our legal expertise in resolving business disputes, combined with your expert insight into your business is a winning combination in securing the best resolution in any commercial dispute.

Early intervention is often key to resolving disputes satisfactorily, we’ll guide you pragmatically through the resolution options from negotiation and mediation to expert determination, arbitration and, if necessary, court action.

We can provide legal advice on all types of commercial dispute your business may encounter;

Professional negligence disputes

  • legal – claims against solicitors and barristers
  • financial – claims against accountants and financial advisers
  • professional services – including surveyors and other professionals

Commercial contract disputes

  • contract interpretation
  • contract enforcement
  • termination or compensation for breach of commercial contracts including those relating to sale and supply of goods and services, marketing, distribution, agency and joint ventures

Company disputes

  • disputes between directors
  • disputes between directors and shareholders
  • disputes between shareholders including breach of shareholders agreements and unfair prejudice

Partnership disputes

  • disputes concerning the interpretation of partnership agreements
  • issues between partners
  • claims against partners for breach of duty
  • claims relating to the termination of partnerships including LLPs

Commercial Property and Trust disputes

  • claims relating to the ownership of property
  • boundary disputes
  • options
  • enforcement of covenants
  • claims for breach of trust
  • disputes between trustees and beneficiaries

Landlord and tenant disputes

Banking, lending and guarantee claims

  • disputes between bankers and customers including interpretation and enforcement of lending agreements and guarantees

Information Technology

  • claims relating to software and hardware supply, design and maintenance contracts

When you need results

Peter’s recent commercial dispute cases have included;

  • Successfully resisting commercial claims for breach of restrictive covenants and breach of confidence
  • Acting in the resolution of complex commercial, property and estate disputes
  • Advising and negotiating the resolution of agricultural and property partnership disputes
  • Resolving shareholder disputes including unfair prejudice