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The networking group of women in Torbay and Totnes

Get involved with our networking group for women in business in and around Torbay and Totnes. Find out more about the latest events and book your spot here.


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Women in Torbay and Totnes (now known as WITT) provides an opportunity for women from all areas and types of businesses to meet on a regular basis, and to get to know one another in a friendly and approachable environment.

From inviting a speaker from the local business or social community to a fun activities like wine tasting or cocktail making, there’s a meeting every couple of months and the time and venue varies to keep it fresh and give everyone chance to attend.
It’s a fun and friendly group with plenty of opportunity to chat and forge relationships with other women from the local business community.

To find out more about the group or to book a place on the next event please email [email protected].