Boyce Hatton congratulates newly qualified solicitor

On February 21st, Boyce Hatton’s most recently qualified solicitor, Tara Hawthorn, attended the Law Society for her admissions ceremony . We want to say a huge congratulations to Tara who has worked really hard to achieve this prestigious milestone in her legal career.

We caught up with Tara and asked her a few questions about the day itself as well as her career path with us so far.

What has your career journey been like to this point?

I originally applied to work as commercial property paralegal. This was mainly to gain employment within the legal industry as I always had wanted to do family law.

I’d also missed a big chunk of my real estate module on the LPC/masters as this was when I had my daughter Lillie, so was really worried about this particular path. A few months into working with the commercial property team I realised I really liked working in the department and with the team.  I was offered a training contract to qualify as a commercial property solicitor.

Then lockdown happened. I was furloughed for a few months and came back doing  my residential property seat, which I again enjoyed. In order to qualify as a solicitor you also need to complete a seat in litigation. So my final seat was to be in property litigation, namely landlord and tenant. I then worked alongside Fiona Hannaford and Peter Lewis in litigation for about 4/5 months. I wanted to stay with Boyce Hatton when I qualified as they had genuinely been amazing throughout. They did not have any positions available within conveyancing but they did in litigation and as I had been enjoying it I decided to take up this role.

What support have you had from Boyce Hatton?

I cannot thank Boyce Hatton Solicitors enough for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work hard and qualify. They originally offered me a training contract, and there is always someone there when I need to speak to someone, if I make an error there is no judgement. They have been amazing with my home life, when I started Lillie was not even 1 and Ethan was going to multiple assessments to try and secure a place at a special school because of his additional needs. They were supportive the whole time and never made me feel like I shouldn’t be trying to make a career for myself with so much going on at home. I’ve since had a relationship breakdown and was really low during lockdown and they have supported me throughout.

So what’s next?

At the moment it’s to continue learning and gaining experience within our Landlord & Tenant department. I also hope to do more networking and eventually progress further within Boyce Hatton.


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