Top 5 tips for separated parents in the summer holidays

The summer holidays will soon be here which can be a difficult time for newly separated parents and also for those who have been separated for some time as the needs of the children or parents may have changed over time.

Helen Handley from our Family team has put together some tips to help you and your partner agree an arrangement that works for everyone.

  1. Take time out together to come up with a plan for the summer holidays. Agree in advance for the whole summer period to avoid any potential conflict part-way through. Keep a written record of everything you agree so there’s no room for ambiguity.
  2. If you want to take the children abroad, ensure you get consent from your ex-partner (and anyone else with Parental Responsibility) beforehand. If a Child Arrangements Order exists and lists you as the parent the child lives with, you can take them abroad for up to one month without consent but we would always recommend seeking consent first.
    This year in particular, we recommend open conversations about travelling abroad as parents may have differing views on how comfortable they are with that, even if the destination is on the governments ‘green’ travel list.
  3. When planning trips abroad, make sure important documents such as passports and medical information are given to the accompanying parent and that they are returned to the parent with whom the child lives after the holiday.
  4. Where possible take into account your child’s wishes and create a plan that allows for their social activities and interests.
  5. Keep communicating – whether you are taking a child on holiday abroad or, perhaps more likely this summer, somewhere in the UK, it can be a difficult time for the other parent so ensure the child can still contact the other parent by phone, text, video calls etc during their time away.

If you need any help on child arrangements over the summer holidays or in general, please call Helen on 01803 403 403 or complete our contact form and we can call you back.

The content of this article is correct as at the date of posting and is for information purposes only. Whilst we try and ensure it is accurate we do not warrant or guarantee that this is the case, nor do we accept any responsibility in the event that it is relied on. The information is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice which you are recommended to obtain.

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