Proposed increase to small claims limits for personal injury cases reduced

As part of an overall review on limits to small claims for personal injury cases, the government had proposed to increase the limit for employer or personal liability cases to £2,000. Last week they announced this would be reduced to £1,500.

Within small claims there is no provision for legal fees to be paid by the negligent party, meaning anyone whose injury is worth less than the upper limit would likely have to conduct the case themselves or pay their solicitors directly rather than using a no win/no fee agreement. The current limit for small claims is £1,000.

It is proposed that this change will be implemented in April 2022. The change is provide for as part of the Civil Liability Act 2018; the act that is behind the new £5,000 small claims limit for road traffic accident claims which comes into force later this month.

The Ministry of Justice had previously announced that the increase to the small claims limit for employer liability (EL) and personal liability (PL) would be £2,000. It is now scaling back it’s proposals after considering the views of representatives across the insurance, legal and trade union sectors who were opposed to the increase from the outset.

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