Call For Evidence For Commercial Landlords

As businesses suffered economic loss due to forced closures and repeated lockdowns over the last year, the government made significant interventions in relation to commercial lease evictions which have affected commercial landlords and tenants alike. The government is now turning its thoughts to the exit-plan from these restrictions and is asking commercial landlords for their input.

On 6 April 2021 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published a call for evidence to help them consider the options moving forward. These options may include withdrawing the measures, replacing them or exiting from them entirely. The interventions have included a moratorium on commercial lease evictions under section 82 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and restrictions on the use of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), which remain in place until 30 June 2021.

The government has specifically asked for evidence from commercial landlords and tenants to help them understand how they are responding to a build-up of rent arrears. They also wish to understand how landlords and tenants are adjusting existing lease terms to reflect the period of recovery that many tenant businesses will need once the trading restrictions are lifted.

The call for evidence closes on 4 May 2021, and details of which and how you can get involved can be found on the government website.

If you are a commercial landlord or tenant and require advice on this or any other landlord and tenant issues, please email Fiona Hannaford or call her on 01803 403403.

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