Eviction protection for commercial tenants extended until 31st March 2021

On 9th December 2020 Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick confirmed that restrictions on forfeiting business tenancies for non-payment of rent during the pandemic would be extended until 31 March 2021.

Landlords will also be prohibited from recovering unpaid rent by the exercise of commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) during that period.

The government’s intention is to prevent the eviction of commercial tenants whose businesses have been affected by the pandemic. The government has described this as ‘a final extension’ to protection from the threat of eviction, and the aim is for landlords and tenants to use the time to reach agreement over any unpaid rent. Further guidance from the government designed to support such negotiations will be published shortly.

Importantly, the government has also announced a general review of commercial landlord and tenant legislation, which is due to begin in early 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect commercial landlords and tenants alike, and no doubt the proposed review of key legislation will lead to further changes. If you require any advice on these issues, or on any other commercial landlord and tenant matters, then please email Fiona Hannaford or call on 01803 403403.

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