Commercial Property Update

Various pieces of legislation appeared on 15 September 2020 which affect landlords and tenants of commercial premises.



The government had previously introduced legislation stating that a right of entry or forfeiture under a relevant business tenancy for non payment of rent may not be enforced during the “relevant period.”  This period has now been extended in England to 31 December 2020.

Secondly the Taking Control of Goods (Amendment)(Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 comes into force on 29 September 2020.  These regulations increase the amount of net unpaid rent that must be outstanding before a commercial landlord can exercise rent arrears recovery.  The updated amounts are:

From 29 September 2020 to 24 December 2020 (inclusive) – 276 days rent

From 25 December 2020 – 366 days rent.

If you need advice on how these regulations affect you, please contact Boyce Hatton on 01803 403403.


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