Important information for Residential Landlords

Further guidance has now been given in respect of possession proceedings.  From 27 March 2020, the court will suspend all housing matters.

This means that cases currently going through the court system and about to go through the court system are able to be progressed to the stage where a possession order is made and therefore the tenant is at the risk of eviction.  This suspension will initially last for 90 days.  However it may be extended if required.  This affects both private and social renting as well as those with mortgages.  It applies to both England and Wales.

In addition to the above, for landlords who have obtained a possession order and are looking to enforce it, the court at Torquay and Newton Abbot is not offering bailiff’s appointments until further notice.  It is likely that this will apply to all other courts.

If you have any questions please contact Fiona Squire or complete a contact form for her to call you back.


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