Wishing Chris Waller a happy retirement!

Chris Waller, a secretary in our family team, is retiring this week after 25 years with Boyce Hatton.

The whole firm got together yesterday over lunch to wish Chris a fond farewell as she embarks on her retirement.  It was clear to see that Chris will be missed just as much as she says she will miss her Boyce Hatton ‘family’.

When asked to describe her first day all those years ago, she remembers feeling ‘terrified’ of joining the firm and the litigation team – from learning new systems through to changing from part-time to full-time work, it was a big change for Chris.  But she soon settled in and without intending to, found herself a job for the rest of her career.

Chris said; “It’s hard to describe, but it became a family that I really felt a part of. Just like any family, we’ve had our ups and downs; our births, marriages and deaths.  And the years have just rolled by, I’ve never felt like I wanted to work anywhere else.”

Chris has worked in many teams, including litigation and personal injury, before finding her place in the family team. Her highlight of her time at Boyce Hatton isn’t limited to one experience but instead the overall ability to be able to help people; being able to help families in turmoil reach a successful conclusion to the matter and in her own words “go back to being a family”.

Not surprisingly for someone who’s described her workplace as being like a family, when asked what she will most miss, the answer was the people and companionship.

We will miss you too Chris, enjoy your retirement!

What her colleagues say:

Kate Barton, Partner:

“Chris is really kind, caring and meticulous; values that she has bought into her job where she works hard and looks after the clients and her colleagues. She has been here such a long time and will be greatly missed by everyone here.”

Gary Watson, Partner:

“Chris has always been a very conscientious and committed member of every team that she has worked in over many years at Boyce Hatton. She has been a pleasure to work with and on a personal level we are sad to see her go but wish her a long and happy retirement with her family.”

Eleanor Roberts, Legal Secretary:

“I wouldn’t be the secretary I am today without Chris, she has helped me and taught me so much since I have been here.  She is truly one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I really will miss her dearly.”

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