IR35 Reforms – Employers, are you ready?

IR35 is tax legislation that affects payments made to self-employed contractors. This legislation will be changing in April 2020 meaning businesses should start preparing now.

Various TV presenters have made headlines in their recent appeals against tax assessments applying IR35. Lorraine Kelly won her case but others have lost theirs.

There are significant reforms to IR35 legislation coming for the private sector in April 2020.

From April 2020, hiring organisations will begin to determine the IR35 status of engagements and this will constitute a significant change as the current regime means it is the contractors’ responsibility.

IR35 is extremely complex and organisations and individuals will need to get up to speed to ensure they remain compliant with the new obligations.

We are employment status issue experts and can advise companies how to prepare for the forthcoming changes. If you have any questions on how the changes to IR35 impact your business, contact Andrew Macmillan on 01803 408441 or complete our contact form and he will call you back.

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