Boyce Hatton welcomes Brazilian Law Students

Boyce Hatton were pleased to welcome five law students from Brazil to their offices last week, when they arrived in the Bay to study with the Devon School of English.





Francesco, Maria, Beatriz, Julia and Maria were all treated to a look at the reality of a life in law, gaining work experience in IT, administration and reception duties as well as being able to get their teeth into all areas of English law.  Each student spent a day at the offices in Torquay, seeing how the firm is run and the type of legal issues that arise during the course of an average working day.  This included meeting with clients, sitting in on conferences, helping with corporate matters, family law applications, employment law and much more.


The students showed a real aptitude for their chosen career path, and Boyce Hatton were impressed with the depth of their understanding of complex legal issues within an entirely foreign jurisdiction.  It was also a wonderful opportunity for the Boyce Hatton lawyers to gain an insight into the workings of the Brazilian legal system, and the very different pathway to qualified status that these students have ahead of them.

Staff at Boyce Hatton would also like to thank the students for their professionalism and enthusiasm during their time with us, and would add they are very willing to travel to Brazil for a similar work placement if the opportunity ever arises…

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