Accident and Personal Injury Claims


Why Choose Us



Let us call you back at a convenient time.

First and foremost you will receive a personal service. All too often many of the personal injury claim firms that advertise their services are based far away from where you live. This means that you may never get to meet the solicitor acting for you. Having to deal with your claim only by telephone letter or e mail can be very frustrating.

At Boyce Hatton you will get to meet the Solicitor who is dealing with your claim and be able to talk to them face to face. We strive to ensure, as far as it is possible to do so, that you have the same Solicitor representing you throughout your claim. You will be kept informed at every stage and have regular meetings with your Solicitor when necessary to discuss developments, problems, settlement offers and medical evidence.

Secondly, we are specialists in what we do. This is important when it comes to achieving the best possible settlement for you, particularly when you may be faced with insurance companies doing all they can to limit the amount they are willing to pay. Whilst most claims do settle some have to be taken to trial and in these circumstances you need a firm that is experienced in the trial process. We have that experience.

We like to think that our testimonials and case studies speak for themselves and, demonstrate that we have an excellent track record in achieving the best possible result for our clients.