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Broken Bone Claims



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One of the most common causes for complaint against an Accident and Emergency department is the failure to diagnose a broken bone (otherwise known as a fracture).

Sometimes a delay in diagnosis may mean that the treatment required is not as simple as it would have been.

Common mistakes include...

  • Failing to take a proper history;
  • Failing to order an x-ray;
  • Ordering the wrong type of x-ray;
  • Failing to properly interpret the x-ray;
  • Failing to follow up the patient.

Scaphoid fractures

A type of fracture that is often missed is to the scaphoid bone. Failure to treat the injury at an early stage can result in the fracture failing to unite (fix together), with serious complications such as arthritic conditions or permanent joint stiffness. This may result in the patient having to undergo surgery to fix or fuse the bone, which they would have most likely avoided had the fracture been diagnosed promptly.

If your fracture has been missed, you may have a medical negligence claim. In these situations, it is vital that you contact a specialist medical negligence lawyer.

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