Types of Medical Negligence Claims


Brain Injury Claims



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Some of the most devastating medical negligence claims are those involving injury to the brain. We know that it can cause tremendous hardship and stress to families and loved ones.

Examples include...

  • Brain injuries resulting from negligent surgery;
  • Failures to diagnose and treat medical conditions, such as a stroke;
  • Failures to obtain proper consent;
  • Accidents with anaesthesia.

Our Brain Injury Services

To ensure our client’s case has the best chance of success, we work with the top experts available. Along with them, we will also use friends, family members and co-workers to prove how our client’s life has changed as a result of the brain injury.

Wherever we can, we will make it a priority to secure immediate financial assistance for the client by way of interim (early) payments to cover the cost of treatment, equipment, adapted or suitable accommodation, and other costs or losses suffered as a consequence of their injuries.

In cases where there has been an admission of liability (fault), we will speak with the doctor’s or hospital’s insurer to appoint a specialist case manager to conduct an ‘immediate needs’ assessment, to ensure early access to treatment and rehabilitation without having to wait for the conclusion of the case.

When the case is won, we will also advise on the setting up of trusts, to ensure the client doesn't lose any means tested benefits, and on the investment of damages through our links with specialist financial advisors. We provide access to advice on Court of Protection issues for clients who lack capacity to manage their financial affairs.

Free brain injury claim advice

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