Medical Negligence Claims


Funding Your Claim



Let us call you back at a convenient time.

We understand that anybody approaching a lawyer is worried about fees. That's why we're happy to speak to you for free to review your situation and give you expert advice about the best way of funding your case before you claim.

In the majority of cases, legal expenses are covered by one of the following methods of funding...

  • Conditional Fee Agreement (otherwise known as “No Win, No Fee”). We may agree to act for you under such an agreement after we have carried out an initial review of your claim;

  • Legal Expenses Insurance (otherwise known as Before the Event insurance). You may have the benefit of such insurance as part of a house contents insurance policy or other insurance you may already hold. We'll check whether you already have insurance which covers this type of claim.

Whichever option you use, we guarantee you won’t pay a penny up front, there are no hidden costs and you’ll pay nothing if the claim is unsuccessful.

Free funding advice

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