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Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Agreements

People sign paper and electronic documents all the time without looking at “the small print”. However the detailed terms and conditions of an agreement can often have a fundamental effect on its performance.

At Boyce Hatton we are often asked for advice on questions such as:

• What happens if there is delay?

• What if I am given a different product to that I originally agreed?

• What happens is the other side can’t pay?

• Can I get out of the contract if the other side are at fault?

Often these questions require specialist knowledge. As specialist solicitors we have years of experience in advising clients on contracts and agreements both before and after they have been entered into.

How We Help

We offer practical, cost effective advice to help you make the right decision whether you are thinking about entering a contract or want to know your rights under an existing agreement.

Contact us now for a free discussion as to how we can help you.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Senior Partner

Peter is the firm's senior partner. As well as his management role, he also heads the firm's dispute resolution team where he brings to bea… show more


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