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Personal Injury work can have a bad reputation

Personal injury work can have a bad reputation. There is no hiding from the fact that a popular image of this work is of ambulance chasing lawyers and claimants whose crutches mysteriously disappear the moment their matter is settled. This is a poor image that does not reflect the reality of what claimants suffer as a result of accidents that we ...

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Under-settlement of PI claims

A client has come to us with concerns about the advice he has received from a national law firm. This is one of the really big law firms in the country doing personal injury work. The client has been told that his injury is worth somewhere between £1,500 and £1,800 and he should accept an offer to that effect. We have had a look ...

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Personal injury: The medical exam and pre-medical offers

The medical examination A medical examination is an important part of your claim: it allows your legal adviser to have an expert opinion about your injuries and how long it will take you to recover. It also allows your legal adviser to value your claim, if your medical report states your recovery is complete. (It is the second part to your c ...

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Personal Injury Claims - getting it right

We've all heard of the compensation culture and the frustration of young drivers with soaring insurance premiums, but what's being done about it? Well, over the last few years, there have been changes to the legal system for road traffic accidents which have cut legal costs and medical expert costs particularly for whiplash claims. A number ...

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Surveillance Drones in Personal Injury cases

Solicitors who undertake personal injury work for clients are accutely aware that insurance companies will undertake exhaustive steps to try to establish if a Claimant is either fraudulently claiming or exaggerating their symptoms. Recent Government Legislation introduced this year gives the Court powers to strike out and penalise Claimants ...

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Anonymity in personal injury claims

You might think this a moot point, but for families pursuing claims on behalf of children or those lacking capacity, it's important to ensure that any award of damages – which can be significant, running into millions of pounds for care and rehabilitation – is kept private and not publicly disclosed. Up until yesterday, it was possib ...

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