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The Women in Torbay celebrate their First Birthday!

The Women in Torbay celebrate their First Birthday!

I love meeting people and getting to know people. It is a fundamental part of my job to talk to people, find out what they want and how I can help them.

In doing this job it helps to know other people. I may need to refer my opponent to another solicitor. My client may need financial advice or a valuation of a property or a business. In discussions with my client we may come across something that I feel needs further investigation. It helps to know other people that I can put my client in touch with. I like knowing who I am referring people to. My clients trust me to choose the right person and I always want to do the best for my client.

I am also in business. A partner in a law firm, involved in many of the decisions that people face every day. It helps to know other people in a similar situation. People to bounce ideas off, people to refer work to, people who refer work to me.

That’s why, just over a year ago, I found myself and several of my colleagues having a coffee and wondering whether we should set up a group for women in business to meet other women in business in Torbay. People have asked why women only? And this is a question I regularly ask too. The reality is there are already established networks in Torbay and they can be difficult to break into. Many women are juggling different commitments and trying their hardest to juggle the demands of their job itself, the additional work such as marketing and networking and home life. It can be difficult to commit to a regular time and day to attend an event.

That’s how Women in Torbay (WIT) was born. Each event is different. The meetings happen on different days at different times and we are always open to suggestions and ideas. So far, we have had lunches, afternoon cream teas, morning sessions and wine tasting in the evening. Sometimes there is a speaker, sometimes a training session. At Christmas we shopped at Cockington . There is usually some food, and always a chance to meet and chat in a relaxed and informal environment. Most recently,  we met to celebrate our First Anniversary by making cocktails in Coco Lounge with the superb assistance of staff there and lovely food provided by Licence 2 Fill. The response to the WIT group has been phenomenal with feedback that the atmosphere is always welcoming and there is a great buzz in the room. It generates work too. I have had people referred to me as a direct result and I know others who have attended have as well. All women in Business are welcome, whether you have your own business, are employed, for small or large organisations. We’d love you to join us.

We aim to hold events every two to three months and are just planning our next few events now. For more information and to be included on our mailing list, please contact us at

Kate Barton


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